What’s this all about?

Called “a genius” by those who thought they were talking about someone else, Ben Train has spent more than a decade working all over North America- as a performer, a consultant, a lecture tour organizer and a model for the now defunct clothing line, Funky Clothes for Chunky Bros.

Combining clever methodology, unique presentations, and interesting plots, there’s something in Ben’s lecture for everyone… even if you don’t like card tricks (This means you, guy-who-keeps-trying-to-convince-everyone-that-girls-don’t-like-card-tricks).  So get ready for some fun, some magic, and some husky-sized pants.  It’s going to be a wild ride.

“Ben Train is the complete magician: technically sound, conversational in style, and creative in material selection. He is a dedicated student of magic, and a rising voice in our field.”
– Joshua J

When I have a question about the history of a card magic effect, a routine that needs to utilize better card technique or if I’m simply in search of a great card plot, Ben Train is my go-to guy for all of the above.”
– Bill Abbott

“Ben Train is the single greatest card worker, and person, I have ever met.” 
– Dai Vernon (misquoted)