Playing with your Pack

Whether you do magic for hundreds of people or just for yourself, we are all looking for the same thing- powerful magic that’s fun to do. Using material from their critically acclaimed books, DVDs, downloads, and numerous magazine contributions, Ben Train and Chris Mayhew will help you discover strong magic that’s not just fun to watch, but fun to perform as well!

There’s something in this lecture for everyone, from material you’ll need to practice to tricks so easy you’ll be able to do them before you leave your seat. Learn to make cards vanish and reappear in a variety of new and exciting ways, read three people’s minds… instantly and with no sleight of hand, and discover new principles that will give you the tools to create your own powerful routines.

Equally important, Ben and Chris will be talking about the theories behind the magic.  Not only will you learn how to better connect with people, and create interesting, meaningful routines,  but you’ll learn how proper structure can make your magic better and your job easier.  Which all means one thing; it’s time to play with your pack!


Toronto, ON: Sunday March 11th, 2012

CAM Convention: May 3rd to 5th, 2012

Ottawa, ON: Tuesday May 15th, 2012

Montreal: Thursday May 17th, 2012

Quebec City, QC: Sunday May 20th, 2012

Boston, MA: Tuesday May 22nd, 2012

New York, NY: Saturday May 26th, 2012

King of Prussia, PA: Tuesday May 29th, 2012

Baltimore, MA: Wednesday May 30th, 2012

The TFD Convention, Ohio: July 13-14, 2012

Columbus, Ohio: Monday July 16th, 2012